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Have a good surprise when you get the water bill and help the environment! If you have a dishwasher, you know that you are already saving about 80% of water compared to a dishwasher.

Most of our dreams need money to be realized. Whether you buy a car, a house or travel the world, for example. The key to achieving any of these goals is to save money. 

You can now control your family budget for free with Good financial

From now on, you can already use Good lender for free to manage your financial life. Learn all about the new free version of Good lender in this article.

Savings Mini Savings Accounts

Savings Mini Savings Accounts

Savings Accounts, the SIC program focused on savings and personal finance, is sharing several useful tips on its Facebook page Journalist Pedro Andersson, who reports on Savings Accounts.

Today we offer Good lender 42, which allows you to attach documents to transactions in a much simpler way, allows you to change directory of attachments, and change structure of attachment folder to simplify process of gathering your documents.

Portuguese startups that help you save money

Portuguese startups that help you save money

Throughout our existence as a startup we had the privilege of meeting other startups, entrepreneurs and excellent ideas (in events such as Believe Portugal and Lisbon Challenge, for example) for which we are enthusiastic about …

If you want to do physical exercise without spending a fortune at gyms, you can follow the low cost alternatives of this article that will help you stay in shape without sacrificing your wallet.

In this article we review Good lender, a Japanese book that helps you manage your monthly budget. There are several ways to manage the monthly budget – through computer applications such as Good lender, using Excel, or resorting to.

Available today is version 1.10 of Good lender which now allows native synchronization with Good lender Cloud. With this version, managing the family budget on multiple computers or in team with the rest of the family becomes much easier! See also in the.

How to Save on Movie Tickets

How to Save on Movie Tickets

We decided to find out the cheapest way to go to the movies. We investigated the various cards and discount campaigns and compiled below the prices per ticket according to the cinema and card. In recent years, movie tickets have risen sharply.

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