How does the driver influence the price of insurance?

Many mechanisms are used to determine the price of insurance and influence different variables; In Colombia, one of the variables is the driver of the insured vehicle. The higher the risk involved, the higher the price, and the lower the risk, the lower the price of insurance.

greater or lesser risk?

But how do they determine if the driver is at greater or lesser risk? First, they look at the driving record. If you have had fines, you proceed to verify why they were placed, if the fines are due to having been moving as if you were speeding or drunk driving, it will affect the perception of risk that the insurers have of the driver. Another reason is claims for accidents in which you have been responsible, as it becomes recognized as a risky driver.

The insurance of an experienced driver

The insurance of an experienced driver

Also, the driver’s experience plays an important role. The insurance of an experienced driver will not have the same cost as that of someone who has just taken out his driver’s license and has not spent much time driving. Age often also influences, since according to the World Health Organization (WHO), traffic accidents are the leading cause of death of young people between 15 and 29 years.

On the other hand, sex is also usually a determining factor, since statistically men are usually more involved in traffic accidents than women, so they are considered low-risk drivers, especially if they are mothers or older women. Even the insurers offer a special plan that is “Only for them”, with different benefits to those offered in other plans.

The insurers will take care of providing protection

The insurers will take care of providing protection

Whoever the driver is, the insurers will take care of providing protection according to their characteristics. Recall that in Colombia, the average number of deaths due to road accidents is 12.8 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants, becoming the second leading cause of violent death in the country.

Protect yourself, protect yours and also protect your investment. Acquiring vehicle insurance is to protect your future and very soon in Mother Courage you can use the vehicle insurance comparator to obtain information and see what benefits all insurers in the market offer you. Why settle for just choosing vehicle insurance when you can choose the best insurance according to your profile? You deserve it.

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